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  • Let Us Be Dissatisfied

    A favorite section from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last presidential address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1967):

    If you will let me be a preacher just a little bit—One night, a juror came to Jesus and he wanted to know what he could do to be saved. Jesus didn’t get bogged down in the kind of isolated approach of what he shouldn’t do. Jesus didn’t say, Now Nicodemus, you must stop lying. He didn’t say, Nicodemus, you must stop cheating if you are doing that. He didn’t say, Nicodemus, you must not commit adultery. He didn’t say, Nicodemus, now you must stop drinking liquor if you are doing that excessively. He said something altogether different, because Jesus realized something basic—that if a man will lie, he will steal. And if a man will steal, he will kill. So instead of just getting bogged down in one thing, Jesus looked at him and said, Nicodemus, you must be born again.

    He said, in other words, Your whole structure must be changed. A nation that will keep people in slavery for 244 years will thingify them—make them things. Therefore they will exploit them, and poor people generally, economically. And a nation that will exploit economically will have foreign investments and everything else, and will have to use its military to protect them. All of these problems are tied together.

    What I am saying today is that we must go from this convention and say, America, you must be born again!

    So, I conclude by saying again today that we have a task and let us go out with a divine dissatisfaction. Let us be dissatisfied until America will no longer have a high blood pressure of creeds and an anemia of deeds. Let us be dissatisfied until the tragic walls that separate the outer city of wealth and comfort and the inner city of poverty and despair shall be crushed by the battering rams of the forces of justice. Let us be dissatisfied until those that live on the outskirts of hope are brought into the metropolis of daily security. Let us be dissatisfied until slums are cast into the junk heaps of history, and every family is living in adecent sanitary home. Let us be dissatisfied until the dark yesterdays of segregated schools will be transformed into bright tomorrows of quality,integrated education. Let us be dissatisfied until integration is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity. Let us be dissatisfied until men and women, however black they may be, will be judged on the basis of the content of their character and not on the basis of the color of their skin. Let us be dissatisfied.

    Let us be dissatisfied until every state capitol houses a governor who will do justly, who will love mercy and who will walk humbly with his God. Let us be dissatisfied until from every city hall, justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. Let us be dissatisfied until that day when the lion and the lamb shall lie down together, and every man will sit under his own vine and fig tree and none shall be afraid. Let us be dissatisfied. And men will recognize that out of one blood God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth. Let us be dissatisfied until that day when nobody will shout White Power! — when nobody will shout Black Power!—but everybody will talk about God’s power and human power.

  • Good Painter in Toronto

    Painting is one of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance, make it more comfortable and increase its value. Whether you’re looking to refresh your bedroom walls, repaint the exterior of your home or refinish your kitchen cabinets, you can find professional painters in Toronto who can help you achieve the look you want at an affordable price.

    Choosing the right colour for your home can be difficult. It’s important to find a contractor who can provide you with a colour consultation and help you select the perfect paint for your home. You can also ask them to paint a sample panel so you can see the different shades and colours they have used before.

    Finding a Good Painter in Toronto

    When you decide to hire a painting company, it’s important to get a good quality product. You should choose a reputable and experienced contractor who knows how to use the best paints, primers and caulking. This will ensure you get a quality job that’s durable and long-lasting.

    You can also ask for references from the contractor and check their background before hiring them. This will help you to avoid any misunderstandings about their services.

    Getting a Professional Painter in Toronto

    A professional painter will know how to properly prepare your surfaces and make sure the work is done properly. This will ensure that the finished product is flawless and looks great. They will also clean up the work area and keep your property safe and sound while they’re working.

    They are able to offer free quotes and estimates, and they will arrive on time. They can also provide you with a warranty on their work.

    Royal Home Painters is a full-service painting company that provides a wide range of residential and commercial painting services in Toronto. They have a team of painters who are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

    Their painters have many years of experience in the painting industry and they are committed to providing you with top-quality work. They also deliver excellent customer service by answering all emails and phone calls promptly, never upselling, and showing up on time.

    Using the best materials and techniques, Royal Home Painters can help you make your house look brand new at a fair cost. They are experts in exterior and interior wall painting, stucco ceiling flattening, wallpaper installation and removal, cabinet spraying and re-finishing, brick staining, and deck staining.

    They can also paint your roof and trims. They can even provide a complete renovation of your home including bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling.

    WOW 1 Day Painting is a fast, high-quality solution for all your painting needs. Their smart painting process and a team of professional painters in Toronto can finish your project within a single day, so you can enjoy a beautiful and fresh new paint job in no time!

    The WOW 1 Day team uses zero VOC paints, which means they are much more environmentally friendly than conventional painting products. They are also safe for children and pets, so you can rest assured your home is protected during the painting process.

  • Houston Wedding catering

    HTX accommodates the demands of clients and visitors of every ages, cultures, as well as preferences. Whether it is a birthday event, company event, wedding or any other unique occasion, the HTX team is devoted to making your occasion memorable.
    From the moment you call HTX, they will look after every information from the initial preparation to the final set up. They are a family run company as well as have been providing in Houston for greater than twenty years. They have a huge selection of scrumptious choices that are sure to please all your visitors.

    City Sight Event Catering

    City Sight is a complete caterer that provides a wide range of food selections and also can handle whatever from a little supper event to an extravagant wedding party. The chefs are specialists in developing delicious recipes that will thrill your visitors. Their exquisite food selection includes a variety of tastes from around the globe as well as regional faves. The chef will work carefully with you to create the perfect meal for your big day. The very best component is that their food is not just tasty, yet it likewise comes at a wonderful price!

    Houston Food catering

    Our group at HTX Catering and Friendliness is dedicated to supplying our clients with the finest cuisine, solution, as well as worth. We are a regional family-run service as well as use a selection of choices to fit your specific demands and budget. From company lunches and also intimate service suppers, to the large range of events international companies are seeking, we can assist you produce a catered occasion that will certainly leave your visitors with an unforgettable experience.

    We have a dedicated staff of chefs and event professionals to assist you with any type of facet of your special occasion. Our cooking specialists will direct you via every action of your menu choice as well as preparation procedure. We take the anxiety and worry out of intending your event caterer in houston event to make sure that you can concentrate on what matters most to you!

    Call us today for more information concerning exactly how we can assist you with your following occasion. We expect speaking with you!

    Please note: We need a down payment when validating your occasion. Once the payment is gotten, we will certainly provide you with a billing number and also a monitoring message. You will certainly then be able to publish the billing for your records. Any modifications to the invoice must be made within 24-hrs of receipt.

    They take pride in their honor winning service as well as top quality of food. The best part is you will not have to lift a finger to make your occasion an occasion to bear in mind. The company’s personnel of experienced specialists will certainly work with you to ensure your special day is a success. The company specializes in small as well as huge scale events that cater to all preferences and also budget plans.

  • Blackout Blinds For Your Home

    Blackout blinds are an excellent choice when you want to block out the light while maintaining a pleasant view. They also add style and sophistication to your home’s décor. You can find these shades in many different sizes and colors.

    When selecting blackout blinds for your home, you should take the following factors into account: where the window is located, whether it’s an inside mount or outside mount and how large the windows are. In order to properly determine which type of blackout blind will be the best option, you should consult with a professional window coverings consultant.

    Room Darkening Shades

    The most popular blackout shades are roller or Roman blinds. They are easy to operate and come in many styles and patterns, making them an ideal choice for most rooms in your house.

    Depending on the fabric type, these blackout blinds can soften and filter sunlight or completely block it out. There are also semi-opaque fabrics that Calgary based store – Custom Window Coverings provide privacy but still let in a limited amount of natural light.

    Other options for room-darkening shades include wood blinds, which are a great alternative to standard blinds. They come in many stains, paints and specialty finishes to match any interior style.

    They are available in various slat sizes, and offer tilt-away features as well. You can also choose between different types of wood, including traditional and composite options.

    Motorized Roller Blinds

    For larger and harder-to-reach windows, motorized roller blinds can be a great option. The motor allows you to lower or raise the blinds by simply pressing a button.

    In addition to providing an efficient window covering, motorized blinds help you save money on energy bills by lowering and raising the blinds automatically. They can also be used to cover large windows in tight spaces, such as basements.

    You can also consider other window coverings, such as curtains or draperies. Draperies can be paired with blackout roller shades to keep the look of the room consistent while maximizing the amount of light control.

    Another way to prevent light from entering a room is by using a sheer curtain. You can even use a lace curtain to create a stunning effect on your windows. Sheer curtains can also be hung in front of your windows to block out the light and preserve the view while adding a feminine touch.

    Sheer curtains can also be paired with blackout roller shades to ensure the light levels are consistent in the room, which helps to improve your sleep quality and increase productivity.

    The right type of blackout blinds can be a great investment for your home. These blinds are extremely affordable, and they can easily be customized to fit your needs.

    If you’re looking for the best blackout blinds Calgary has to offer, consider contacting one of the top contractors in the area. These companies specialize in designing and installing the best-suited window treatments for your house.

    Blinds Express

    This company has a reputation for offering exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality products. They also provide free in-home consultations to help you decide which window treatments are best for your home. Their experts will take the time to ask the right questions and show you samples so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your home.

    Custom Window Coverings

    7004 Macleod Trail

    Calgary, AB

    T2H 0L3


  • Top Wealth Management Firms in Toronto

    The City of Toronto has a diverse population, and there are a wide variety of financial services firms to choose from. When selecting the right wealth management firm for you, it’s important to understand what they offer and how their processes work. You’ll also want to make sure that the team you hire has a good reputation, is reputable, and offers high-quality service.

    Tacita Capital

    The team at Tacita Capital believes in evidence-based investing. This means that they take the time to craft a portfolio that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. This includes examining secular trends, investment themes, and geo-political events that can impact your portfolio. They then use a proven strategy that will keep you stable through any market volatility.

    They offer a free consultation, so you can learn more about their company and see if they are a good fit for your finances. Once you’ve decided that they’re a good match, your Toronto financial advisor will provide you with a personalized plan to help you meet your goals.

    Their fee-only approach and fiduciary standards are a plus for anyone looking for an experienced, objective Wealth Management in Toronto team. They will not get paid commissions for recommending a specific product, which ensures you’re getting the best possible advice.

    Q Wealth

    Quintessence Wealth is a partnership that is registered as a portfolio manager, exempt market dealer and investment fund manager. This allows it to provide investment advice and trading advice to its clients.

    This is a top Toronto wealth management firm that focuses on providing unbiased financial and estate planning advice. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams, and they will always be honest with you about any potential risks or opportunities.

    The De Thomas Wealth Management website states that they “do not receive commissions or incentives from outside influences or financial products.” This is a good thing, as it means you’ll be getting unbiased advice from an expert who will never sell you something you don’t need.

    They’re also a team-based firm, which means you’ll have an advisor who’s there to support you and answer any questions you may have. They do this by offering progress meetings and review meetings, so that you can stay updated on your portfolio’s status and the progress of your investments.

    Caring for Clients

    The team at Caring for Clients was founded in 2000 by Rona Birenbaum to help people manage their personal wealth with ease and confidence. They serve a diverse clientele, including busy executives and professionals, newly bereaved families, pre-retirees, and company owners.

    Their team of Toronto financial advisors is composed primarily of female experts, and they pride themselves on giving the best financial and estate planning advice in the industry. Their pricing model is simple and comprehensive, and they are happy to work on a retainer or an hourly basis.

    They provide a range of wealth management and estate planning services, such as retirement plans, investment consulting, tax planning, and more. They’re a solid option for high-net-worth individuals and couples who are seeking a comprehensive wealth management firm in Toronto. They’re also a top choice for clients with complex financial needs, such as those who have multiple income streams and significant assets.

  • Radical Marketing – Stretching the Boundaries of Traditional Marketing

    Radical Marketing: Stretching the boundaries of traditional marketing

    As technology advances, some contemporary marketing practices could never have been imagined a decade or two ago. These are referred to as “radical” because they break the rules, challenge conventional marketing assumptions and introduce new innovations.

    The term radical is used in a broad sense to describe the new and often aggressive techniques that marketers use to target their audiences. This includes innovation in customer and competitor analysis, a creative focus on integrated marketing communication, the development of brand communities, acceptance/adoption of new digital platforms and technologies and new ways of thinking.

    These radical approaches are sometimes criticized as being too extreme, but they can be highly effective if carried out correctly. They can also lead to significant financial rewards, particularly for smaller firms that have an identity and reputation to protect.

    CEO must own the function The CEO should be intimately involved in all aspects of the marketing function. This will ensure that everyone in the company is aware of and has a strong focus on how to interact with customers.

    Make sure the marketing department starts small and stays small The marketing department in a radical market must not get so large that it becomes bloated with bureaucracy and protocol. It should be small enough to respond quickly to new trends and stay in touch with the market.

    Use market research cautiously

    Another ‘radical’ strategy is to ‘go with your gut’ on key marketing decisions, rather than relying on focus groups or in-depth market surveys. This is a common practice among many companies who have close ties to their customers (see rule #3) and the results tend to be more successful than those of more traditional marketing techniques.

    Hire only passionate missionaries

    Radical companies hire individuals who believe in the product and its customers as strongly as does the CEO, and they are likely to be very willing to try out ‘outrageous’ new ideas and approaches. They may also be willing to risk their jobs, if necessary, in order to bring a radical new idea to life.

    It’s easier to track your progress with digital marketing than with traditional marketing techniques, which means that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and keep improving. For example, you can track the number of visitors to your website through a Google Analytics dashboard, which gives you a complete picture of how many people viewed your site and where they came from.

    You can even track how your content is being shared, which is another key part of a successful digital marketing campaign. This information can be used to determine the best time to share a piece of content, such as a new video, a new blog post, or a new product.

    In addition, digital marketing can also help you track how well your campaigns are doing in terms of leads and conversions. For example, you can track how much revenue is coming in from Facebook ads or Twitter sponsored posts, and analyze whether the campaign drove the most traffic to your website.

  • 6 Essential Skills for Business Leadership

    Leadership in the business world is a complex and varied task, and it requires both interpersonal and technical skills. It also requires an ability to set challenging, SMART goals that distinguish your company from its competitors and inspire staff to do their best work.

    Curiosity and Innovation: A strong leader is never afraid to ask new questions, be curious about the world around them, and try out innovative strategies in order to improve their business. This can have a trickle-down effect on their teams, encouraging other employees to be always seeking new ideas and ways to solve problems.

    Self-Assessment: Effective leaders pause from time to time to survey their own strengths and weaknesses. This can be an exercise in self-reflection, helping them to identify areas that need improvement and guiding them towards a career path that better fits their abilities and interests.

    Financial Literacy: A strong business leader should maintain a thorough understanding of how their company’s finances are performing, from cash flow management to forecasting. This can give them a more realistic picture of their business’s future, and allow them to make informed decisions when it comes to making changes.

    Resilience: In today’s constantly shifting business landscape, resilience is a key skill for any leader to possess. It allows them to remain flexible and adaptable in the face of constant challenges, and it helps them recover quickly when faced with unexpected obstacles that may be thrown their way.

    Empathy: Business leadership Mike McGahan Net Worth is about bringing people together to collaborate on common goals, and empathy is an essential ingredient in this process. A good leader is able to see others’ perspective and find a way to bridge the gap between their business objectives and their individual needs.

    Delegation: Another important part of successful business leadership is ensuring that workers have the tools they need to do their job. This is often done through a careful division of labor, where leaders determine the strengths and weaknesses of each employee, then assign tasks that are tailored to each person’s talents and skills.

    Business leaders who are able to delegate tasks efficiently can benefit their team’s productivity in a variety of ways, including increased sales and higher profit. They can also increase employee satisfaction by allowing them to perform their duties in a manner that best fits their style and preferences.

    They can even encourage their teams to work smarter, not harder, which can have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line and customer loyalty.

    A business leader’s most powerful tool is their ability to motivate and inspire others to do their best work. They are responsible for setting the company’s culture and enforcing it through a wide variety of communication channels, from written policies to regular check-ins with their teams.

    It’s important for any business leader to understand how they can develop the right leadership skills for their specific role and company, as well as to keep a close eye on the industry trends that affect their particular niche. It’s also important to stay on top of their own personal strengths and weaknesses, so that they can be prepared to act in the best interests of the company when it comes to fostering growth.

  • What You Should Know About Auto Glass Repair

    Auto Glass Repair is a service that fixes cracks, chips and scratches in windshields and other car windows. It is performed by auto glass technicians who are trained to use special tools and materials that enable them to remove damaged glass and restore it to its original condition.

    The main goal of this type of service is to improve the safety of a vehicle by repairing damaged or broken window glass. It is a necessary step that can help drivers see better when driving.

    A professional repair shop will work hard to accommodate the needs of their clients. They will make every effort to schedule an appointment that fits the client’s timetable, so they can have their windows repaired as soon as possible.

    Besides offering a convenient service, a quality repair shop will also provide excellent customer service. The customer service team should be knowledgeable about the process and quick to answer questions and provide helpful solutions.

    When you’re searching for an auto glass repair shop, you should ask about their customer service and the experience they have with the customers who come to them for assistance. This will help you determine whether they are trustworthy and reliable.

    If the company you’re considering hiring does not offer great customer Sam Day Auto Glass Repair in Mira Mesa, it is likely that their services aren’t as good as they claim to be. This can cause headaches and delays in the completion of your repairs.

    It is also important to consider the quality of materials used in the installation of your car’s window glass. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs down the road.

    There are several different types of materials used in the manufacture of auto glass, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are more durable and resistant to the elements than others.

    For example, some glass is designed to be more resistant to the sun’s UV rays. This can be especially helpful for older vehicles or those that are often used in very sunny climates.

    The auto glass that protects the driver and passengers in a vehicle should be inspected regularly to ensure it is in good condition. Minor cracks and scratches on the windshield should be handled before they become larger, as this can increase the risk of an accident.

    Another issue that affects the integrity of auto glass is wear and tear from frequent use. This can lead to the development of cracks and chips, which could eventually break or shatter.

    A good repair shop will take the time to thoroughly examine your windshield and recommend options that will maximize its lifespan. For example, a repair shop may recommend replacing a cracked windshield with tempered glass, which is more durable and resistant to the sun’s rays.

    It can also be worth the money to replace a chipped windshield that is causing problems while driving. If a chipped windshield is preventing you from seeing clearly at night or during bad weather, it’s best to get it replaced before it becomes a significant safety issue.

  • Residential Locksmith Tampa Can Help You Find and Install the Right Products

    When it comes to securing your home, you want to do it right the first time. A Residential Locksmith Tampa can help you find and install the best products and services to suit your needs.

    The right security system for your home is an investment that will pay off over the long haul. A high-quality set of locks will not only keep out burglars and intruders, but will also increase the resale value of your property.

    There are many companies in Tampa that can sell you the latest and greatest in lock technology. However, not all of them are created equal. You need to make sure that the company you choose is licensed and bonded, has the appropriate tools and experience needed to complete the job without a hitch.

    This is especially true for larger jobs like installing new locks on your entire house or replacing the old school keyed entry door locks with a modern and sophisticated digital lock system.

    Choosing the right home security system is a daunting task that requires a lot of research and consideration. The best way to do this is by partnering with an experienced professional who will explain all your options and answer any questions you may have along the way.

    Some companies will offer free quotes, while others only charge a fee for their service. You can avoid the headache of dealing with a service provider who will only quote you the lowest price possible by researching companies that have been reviewed by homeowners just like yours.

    The best part about this process is that you’ll be able to compare costs and get the most bang for your buck. In the end, you’ll be happy to have chosen the best and most affordable solution for your home security.

    The home security industry has grown to include an astronomical number of providers, some with more expertise than others in their respective fields. The best way to determine which one is the best fit for your home and budget is to consult with a local expert who can recommend the best options for your unique situation.

  • Effective leadership is an important part of a business’s success

    Effective leadership is an important part of a business’s success. It leads to improved employee engagement and productivity. It also has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

    A good leader is a visionary who inspires others to do the same. They set goals and deadlines, provide clear direction, and hold themselves accountable for achieving those goals. They make sure their team understands how their work contributes to a bigger picture goal and encourage personal tenacity and persistence.

    The ability to communicate effectively is an essential trait for leaders, as it enables them to convey information, solicit feedback and respond to questions or concerns in a timely manner. It also helps them build trust and rapport with their team members.

    Leaders Scot French who are open and honest are more likely to be able to trust their team members, and they inspire their employees to trust them as well. This allows them to build a strong, unified team that is more committed to working together.

    Being open and honest is also a way to show your team that you care about them and that you want them to do their best work. It’s important for you to be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can help others develop their own.

    This may be through mentoring, coaching or developing your own skills. Taking the time to learn about the needs and interests of your team members is one of the most valuable things you can do as an effective leader.

    Great leaders know that people learn from and grow through collaboration, and they are willing to share the spotlight with their team. They credit their teams for achievements and encourage their members to take pride in their accomplishments.

    They also help others cope with organizational change and address issues in a proactive way, so that problems don’t become larger or escalate.

    Lastly, a great leader is adaptive and nimble when the situation calls for it. This means they embrace the fact that nothing is going to go according to plan and they are prepared to adapt their plans and procedures when needed.

    A leader who is a master of this skill has the confidence to face difficult decisions and make them with conviction and integrity. This is a vital quality for effective leaders because it helps them to avoid making poor choices and gives them the courage to pursue new opportunities.

    In addition to being a good communicator, leaders must also be able to inspire others and make them feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. In turn, this helps team members to be more passionate about their work and committed to achieving their own goals.

    In order to be an effective leader, you must invest in yourself and your career. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, there is always something you can learn that will help you succeed in your role and lead your team to new levels of success.

  • How to Start Painting With Diamonds

    Paint by diamonds is a fun and exciting new hobby for those who enjoy creating art. It’s a wonderful way to get your mind off of everyday stresses, boost your self-esteem and improve your overall mental health. It’s also a great way to make friends and create strong relationships, which may lead to a career in the future.

    How to start painting with diamonds

    Whether you’re a novice or an expert, a good first step is to choose a kit that suits your style and abilities. You should look for a kit that is easy to work with and has colors that are soothing to your eyes. It’s also important to pick a kit that is sized correctly for the canvas size you intend to use.

    The next thing to do is to sort and organize your diamonds in a way that helps you maximize your ease. This means organizing your diamonds in a way that makes them easily accessible as you paint. This can be done by using a jewelry box or an ice cube carton, depending on what you prefer.

    Once you’ve sorted and organized your diamonds, it’s time to start painting! You’ll need a tray and a pen tool to help you pick up the tiny diamonds and stick them onto your sticky canvas.

    If you’re a novice, it’s best to begin with a smaller kit and move up in sizes as you become more comfortable with the technique. This will allow you to build up your skill level without having to worry about running out of diamonds.

    Another important part of the process is to study the symbols on your canvas. This paint by diamonds will give you a better idea of what you’re supposed to be doing and will save you time later on. You should also take your time studying the diamonds in order to ensure that you’re placing them evenly and accurately.

    When you’re ready to begin painting, peel off the clear protective film on the pre-printed canvas and select a symbol from the image. Choosing the right diamond shape for your painting will be a critical decision, and it’s important to understand what each type of diamond can do.

    Round diamonds are a good choice for beginners as they’re easier to handle, but square drills will produce a more complete and accurate painting. They’re also more stable, allowing them to lock down gems much more effectively, and will not leave gaps between each placement like round diamonds will.

    Regardless of which diamond shape you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that the color of each diamond is important and should be chosen carefully. Typically, a diamond painting kit will come with a number of different colored diamonds.

    You should choose a color that’s compatible with the symbols on your canvas. This will be important for achieving your intended image, and it will also prevent you from accidentally mixing up similar-looking symbols.

    There are several ways to keep your diamonds in order, but the best way is by using a jewelry box or ice cube carton to compartmentalize them. This will keep them from being tossed around and will ensure that you can easily find what you need when you’re ready to paint.