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  • Let Us Be Dissatisfied

    A favorite section from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last presidential address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1967):

    If you will let me be a preacher just a little bit—One night, a juror came to Jesus and he wanted to know what he could do to be saved. Jesus didn’t get bogged down in the kind of isolated approach of what he shouldn’t do. Jesus didn’t say, Now Nicodemus, you must stop lying. He didn’t say, Nicodemus, you must stop cheating if you are doing that. He didn’t say, Nicodemus, you must not commit adultery. He didn’t say, Nicodemus, now you must stop drinking liquor if you are doing that excessively. He said something altogether different, because Jesus realized something basic—that if a man will lie, he will steal. And if a man will steal, he will kill. So instead of just getting bogged down in one thing, Jesus looked at him and said, Nicodemus, you must be born again.

    He said, in other words, Your whole structure must be changed. A nation that will keep people in slavery for 244 years will thingify them—make them things. Therefore they will exploit them, and poor people generally, economically. And a nation that will exploit economically will have foreign investments and everything else, and will have to use its military to protect them. All of these problems are tied together.

    What I am saying today is that we must go from this convention and say, America, you must be born again!

    So, I conclude by saying again today that we have a task and let us go out with a divine dissatisfaction. Let us be dissatisfied until America will no longer have a high blood pressure of creeds and an anemia of deeds. Let us be dissatisfied until the tragic walls that separate the outer city of wealth and comfort and the inner city of poverty and despair shall be crushed by the battering rams of the forces of justice. Let us be dissatisfied until those that live on the outskirts of hope are brought into the metropolis of daily security. Let us be dissatisfied until slums are cast into the junk heaps of history, and every family is living in adecent sanitary home. Let us be dissatisfied until the dark yesterdays of segregated schools will be transformed into bright tomorrows of quality,integrated education. Let us be dissatisfied until integration is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity. Let us be dissatisfied until men and women, however black they may be, will be judged on the basis of the content of their character and not on the basis of the color of their skin. Let us be dissatisfied.

    Let us be dissatisfied until every state capitol houses a governor who will do justly, who will love mercy and who will walk humbly with his God. Let us be dissatisfied until from every city hall, justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. Let us be dissatisfied until that day when the lion and the lamb shall lie down together, and every man will sit under his own vine and fig tree and none shall be afraid. Let us be dissatisfied. And men will recognize that out of one blood God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth. Let us be dissatisfied until that day when nobody will shout White Power! — when nobody will shout Black Power!—but everybody will talk about God’s power and human power.

  • What is an Invention?

    Inventing is a process in which something new is created. An invention is the invention of a machine, device or article of manufacture. Inventions provide new ways to move, learn, communicate, heal and play. Inventions also offer significant social and economic benefits. Inventions may be easier to use, faster, cheaper, longer lasting, healthier, ecologically friendly or more efficient.

    An invention can be a technical or cultural innovation. It can be a new machine, a new method, a new composition, a new material or an entirely new concept.

    The first invention was the wheel. It was developed during the Ancient Roman period and was used in transportation. It was made possible by humans developing metalworking skills. It was a crucial part of modern life. It also paved the way for wheeled carts. These carts were essential for transporting goods and people. Inventions that are now patented can be licensed for financial gain.

    Invention is the process of bringing concepts together. This is usually an exploratory process. Scientists, designers and architects frequently use collaborative creative processes. An inventor may try to improve something or try to create a new idea within the constraints of science.

    Inventions can be applied to all areas of life. They may be novel, useful, aesthetically different, and environmentally friendly. Some inventors have discovered a solution to a problem and have successfully marketed it. Others have failed. There are many reasons for these failures.

    The rate of inventions increased with the introduction of the printing press and the internet. These technologies provided the public with access to information and technology that had been denied for millennia. Inventions that have made a difference in our lives include the telephone, the typewriter, the computer, the internet, the airplane, and the television.

    Inventions can be patented through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A patent gives the inventor a proprietary interest in the invention for a set period of time. It allows the economy to invest in the invention in the most effective manner. This ensures that the entire economy is able to make the best use of its resources.

    The patent system captures positive externalities for the inventor. This means that the inventor is able to use the invention without having to pay for other parties’ use of the invention. This is especially important in the financial industry, where new technologies are being introduced at an incredibly rapid rate.

    Inventions are a key component of artistic creativity. They allow the human race to extend its experience, knowledge, capabilities, and abilities. This may also lead to improved health and healing, longer life, and healthier living. These are just a few of the reasons that inventions are so important.

    The invention of the microprocessor led to the personal computer. It allowed the inventor to manage data and run computer programs. Ultimately, Ted Hoff’s microprocessor paved the way for other computers.

    Throughout history, inventors have dreamed up many amazing inventions. The typewriter, for instance, freed women from housework. The invention of the screw, on the other hand, is attributed to the Greek scholar Archimedes in the third century B.C.

  • How Are Preserved Flowers Preserved?

    Whether it’s a bridal bouquet or a special occasion, preserved flowers make great gifts. They can be used for wedding decorations, fashion accessories, and even interior decor. You can choose from a wide range of different types of flowers, including roses, jasmine, and hydrangea. These flowers are preserved by a process that preserves their natural look and touch.

    Aside from the fact that they are made from real flowers, preserved flowers also have a longer life. In fact, it is estimated that these flowers last for up to 35 years. It’s also easy to ship preserved flowers globally. They also come in a variety of finishes and colors. They are also made with eco-certified materials. Moreover, they don’t require any water or pruning. They can last for weeks or even years with little to no maintenance.

    Before preserving flowers, they are soaked in a non-toxic chemical solution that preserves the colors, textures, and shapes of the flowers. These non-toxic chemicals draw out the pigments, proteins, and water content. They are then immersed in a mixture of glycerine, organic materials, and other plant elements. Glycerin is an important component of the preservation process because it helps to keep the 永生花香港 flexible texture of the leaves intact. Glycerin also helps to prevent evaporation.

    After the process is completed, the flowers are placed in a container made of organic material. They are then dried with a special setting treatment. This process can take up to six weeks. Once the flowers are dried, they look hard and brittle. In addition, you can use glycerin to preserve color. However, this process isn’t cost-effective.

    Preserved flowers can last for months or years depending on the type of flowers you’re purchasing. It’s important to make sure that your flowers are stored in a dry and well-ventilated area. They should also be kept out of direct sunlight. They can also be sensitive to humidity. In addition, they should be placed away from large glass doors or windows. They should also be stored in a container that is sealed. If the flowers are stored in a sealed container, they can last for years.

    Preserved flowers also offer a unique meaning. The phrase “never withered love” is unique to preserved flowers. These flowers are also a great gift for anyone. They can be used for wedding decorations, novelty goods, and fashion accessories. They can be framed and hung on a wall. They can be placed in a sealed container or container with a lid to keep them protected.

    They can also be used for crafts and jewelry. You can also add food coloring to preserve the colors of the flowers. If you want to add color, you can also use epoxy resin. However, these resins can be difficult to work with. You can also use a brush to clean the preserved flowers.

    If you want to preserve flowers for a special event, you can use a special method. You can also choose to bleach the flowers to match the event theme. You should also remove the leaves from the stem before air drying. You should also tie the flowers in bundles. If the petals are thick, you should separate them before air drying.

  • The Best Custom Diamond Jewellery Calgary Stores

    Whether you are shopping for a diamond jewellery Calgary store for yourself, or looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, there are a number of excellent options to choose from. From custom designed jewellery to the most expensive diamonds, the best Calgary stores have it all.

    The top notch custom designed diamond jewellery Calgary stores can do more than just create your ring, they can also provide you with a host of other services. From appraisals to repairs to jewelry cleaning, they will take care of your jewellery needs. Their knowledgeable staff will be happy to guide you through the process from start to finish.

    Paris Jewellers has 26 locations across Canada, and has been in business for over 31 years. Their Jewellery Care Plan includes cleaning, polishing, rhodium plating and more. They also have layaway and financing options. The company also boasts the largest selection of ring designs available in Calgary, as well as hundreds of setting designs. You can choose from the Breslauer& Warren Jewellers – Diamond Experts in Calgary hottest names in jewelry, or create your own custom piece.

    Breslauer & Warren has been in business since 1919, and they have a long history of designing and selling stunning jewellery. They specialize in Canadian diamonds, but they also offer a range of designer brands and coloured diamonds. The company has a good selection of engagement rings, including halo, solitaire and three-stone rings. They also offer a great selection of wedding rings.

    David Coulthard is one of the few master goldsmiths in Calgary. He has over thirty years of experience in the industry, and can create custom designs, as well as engrave jewellery. He also does an excellent job of explaining the process of designing a ring. His process involves listening to the customer, listening to the stone, and designing the ring. The best part is that he has a design studio in the Grain Exchange Building, which is a historic landmark.

    The best Calgary jewellery stores can offer you a huge selection of rings, including designer and ready-made engagement rings. In addition to custom-made pieces, they also have an extensive collection of watches. Their website is user-friendly, and their prices are easy to find. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on their website, you can call them for an estimate or an appointment.

    If you’re looking for something a bit more high-tech, you can try a 3D printing shop. These companies can print custom accessories and mini figurines. They can even create a 3D printed engagement ring for you! Getting a ring custom designed can be a lot of fun, and the best stores in Calgary will help you create a piece that’s uniquely yours.

    The best Calgary jewellery stores will be happy to answer your questions about diamond jewellery, and will do their best to find you the perfect piece. They will also be happy to tell you all about the different types of diamonds, and what they can do for you.

  • Team Building Milano is a process that aims to improve the performance of a group

    Organizzazione Team Building Milano is a process that aims to improve the performance of a group of individuals. It can be implemented with the assistance of a team building expert. This is a scalable concept and can be applied to various situations. It can be used to solve problems in difficult situations, to increase performance, and to change operations. It is also a great way to build interpersonal relationships and make people feel comfortable working together.

    Team building in Italy is a growing phenomenon. Companies have started to use team building in a number of ways. Some companies even require their employees to take part in team building events on a regular basis. These events are a fun way to bring the company together and encourage teamwork. Some companies organize team building activities as a part of their annual meetings. These events can be held in various locations, such as in the office or in nature.

    There are many reasons for companies to conduct team building events. Some of them include creating a better workplace environment, improving employee performance, and motivating employees. Team building events are also a great way to promote creativity and improve communication. Team building activities can also be customized to fit the needs of different companies.

    There are many ways to organize team building in Italy. These events can be done in various locations, such as in the office, in nature, or in the open air. The organizzazione team building milano location of the event can affect the type of activities that are implemented. For example, a company that wants to promote teamwork might decide to take the group out to the mountains for some team building activities. Another way to do this is by having the participants use their imaginations. These types of activities can also be done in five other languages.

    For the most part, the best team building events in Italy are the ones that are based on creativity and fun. These activities are designed to get the participants out of their comfort zones and into the real world. There are also team building activities that are based on teamwork and problem solving. Team building activities are also great for learning new skills. These can include team building games, team building racchiude, and team building activities in nature. The best team building events are the ones that promote teamwork, fun, and a sense of belonging.

    The most important element of team building activities is that they help people to learn and improve their work skills. For example, team building activities are designed to boost communication, creativity, and problem solving. The most important part of any team building event is to make sure that each individual feels appreciated and has the opportunity to contribute. The team building industry is growing in Italy and there are a number of providers who are willing to help. These providers are always on the lookout for new and creative solutions to common problems.

  • How To Find And Buy The Right Real Estate

    Learning about buying brantford homes for sale can be very overwhelming, but just like anything else, it can also be very easily researched. Now that you have found this list of tips, hopefully, you can come out a little more informed when it comes to buying real estate, so that you can refine your methods and buy real estate smarter.

    Considering hiring an agent to guide you whether you are buying or selling. Going it alone when buying or selling a house is possible, but difficult. A good agent will help you find the right house or the right buyer. Agents will also handle the overwhelming paperwork that comes with real estate transactions.

    For prime real estate pay close attention to the reputation of the schools in the area. Even if you don’t have children, schools that are held in higher esteem usually indicate a better neighborhood. These neighborhoods are typically safer and more affluent, though they do not always cost a fortune to live in.

    For buyers that have lost their home to foreclosure keep your dream alive. There may have been many reasons for losing the home such as job loss. Keep in mind that someday you will own a home again and places like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can give you that dream again. Just make sure that you start saving now because you might have a higher down payment because of it.

    Purchasing a home in a manufactured home park can seem like a money saving idea. Keep in mind that these parks often times carry large fees for new owners, as well as fees if you ever want to remove the home from the park. Read any and all materials on or about the park before you agree to a purchase.

    When looking to purchase a home, do not hire an appraiser who was recommended to you by your agent. Due to a conflict of interest, the appraiser may not be the best person for the job. Instead, find someone with several years of experience and who is state-licensed.

    To know how much you have to spend for a new home, get a real estate agent to give you an estimation of the value of your current home. You should also visit a bank and find out what kind of loan or other forms of financing you can get for a new home.

    To protect your interests when buying real estate, don’t use the seller’s agent. You might think calling the agent’s number on the “for sale” sign would be the easiest thing to do, but that agent works for the seller, and must put the seller’s needs first. To protect yourself, hire a buyer’s agent.

    Buying a home that is up for auction is a great way to get a fabulous home for far less than what it is worth. It is a game of sorts that many investors play so it can be difficult for the average home buyer to win the auctions that are held.

    Consider buying a brand-new home in the fall. In many cases builders are beginning to discount their inventory and they may even offer some great incentives around September to make the sales that they need before the end of the year. Prices of these homes that do not sell in the fall will go back up in the spring.

    When purchasing a rental property, be sure to check out the local rental costs first. Having an idea of how much other properties in the area are renting for can help you to figure out your budget. You’ll have a better idea of what to offer on the house and how much you can budget for upgrades as well.

    Buying a home can be an experience that is exhilarating. As long as you find a reputable professional or two to walk you through the process, and do your research about the process, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience finding the home of your dreams and successfully keeping it for many years.

    It wasn’t as bad as you thought, right? Like any other subject, the world of real estate buying is large and has a wealth of information available on it. Sometimes, you just need a little hint as to where to begin. Hopefully, you received that hint from the tips in this article.

  • A Good Batch Of Tips On Personal Finance

    Personal finance is about how to best spend your money so that you can still have some when you need it. It has to do with budgeting, spending and all the stuff in between. This article will give you many tips that you are sure to find useful. Click here for more tips.

    When using an ATM while traveling, make sure the bank itself is open. ATMs have an annoying tendency to eat cards. If your card is eaten at a bank that is hundreds of miles from home, this can be a major inconvenience. If the bank is open, you will more likely be able to retrieve your card.

    If you are searching for a mortgage or auto loan, do your shopping relatively quickly. Unlike with other types of credit (e.g. credit cards), a number of inquiries within a short period of time for the purpose of securing a mortgage or auto loan won’t hurt your score very much.

    Resist buying something just because it is on sale if what is on sale is not something that you need. Buying something that you do not really need is a waste of money, no matter how much of a discount you are able to get. So, try to resist the temptation of a big sales sign.

    Negotiate with businesses to improve your personal finance. If you are not happy with the prices or fees a bank is offering you, speak with a manager directly and see what they can do to get them lowered or removed. You would be surprised to know that most of the time this actually works.

    Stop using your credit card if you have a hard time paying it off. Reduce your expense as much as you can and find another payment method to avoid maxing that card out. Finish paying off your balance before using the card again, and then try to pay your credit card balance in full every month to avoid future troubles.

    To improve your personal finance habits, project all of your expenses for the coming month when you make your budget. This will help you to make allowances for all of your expenses, as well as make adjustments in real-time. Once you have recorded everything as accurately as possible, you can prioritize your expenses.

    Being a smart shopper can enable one to catch onto money pits that can often lurk in store aisles or on the shelves. An example can be found in many pet stores where animal specific products will often consist of the same ingredients despite the animal pictured on the label. Finding things such as this will prevent one from buying more than is needed.

    Pay off your high interest debts before saving. If you are saving in an account that pays 5%, but owe money on a card that charges 10%, you are losing money by not paying off that debt. Make it a priority to pay your high interest cards off and then stop using them. Saving will become easier and more beneficial as well.

    Make your personal finance record-keeping more efficient and easy to read by marking debits and payments in your check registry using a bold, red ink pen. This will make you less likely to overlook withdrawals and debits and will also allow you to quickly verify all expenses as you balance your checkbook.

    Start saving. Many people don’t have a savings account, presumably because they feel they don’t have enough free money to do so. The truth is that saving as little as 5 dollars a day will give you an extra hundred dollars a month. You don’t have to save a lot of money to make it worth it.

    Do some research online before making a major purchase. Even if you plan to buy the item at a local retailer, check the store’s website for web-only coupons or special offers. If you’re already a customer, don’t forget to check your inbox because some retailers send sales announcements or coupons via e-mail.

    Now you can see how much personal finance really affects almost every aspect in your life. Use this article so that you can have an easier time getting your personal finances in order, and make your life a little less stressful. Take your time reading through the advice so that you don’t make any big mistakes when it comes to your money.

  • Factors That Determine the Cost of Hiring a Painter

    Factors That Determine the Cost of Hiring a Painter

    painting for contractors toronto

    When choosing a painter, you may be wondering how much it will cost to paint a room, an exterior door, or a brick house. The good news is that there are many different factors that will determine the cost of hiring a painter in Toronto. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that will determine how much it costs to hire a painter and what to look for in a quote.

    Cost of painting a room in Toronto

    There are several factors that determine the cost of painting a room. First of all, the amount of paint that is required depends on the square footage of the room. The area of a wall, excluding doors and windows, is the L x W of the entire room. The area of the door or window trim is then deducted from the total area of the room. Secondly, the type of paint that is used depends on the colour you want to achieve. In Toronto, semi-gloss paint is best for walls while satin paint is appropriate for ceilings and doors.

    One of the most important questions you should ask when asking contractors about the cost of painting a room is: How much does it cost them? Some contractors advertise their prices per square foot of floor area, but this approach does not represent the true cost of the job. Painters take into account all the factors that make a room unique, including its size, shape, and number of windows. While this tactic can be tempting, it is likely that the company you are dealing with is not experienced or is only trying to get a foot in the door.

    Cost of painting an exterior door in Toronto

    The cost of painting for contractors toronto. The average house door measures eight feet by three feet six inches. In addition to the cost of paint, a contractor will need to use primer and other materials to ensure the door is properly prepared before painting. Most contractors charge anywhere from $15 to $70 per gallon. The actual amount of paint will depend on the size of the door and the type of finish you want.

    The price of painting an exterior door depends on a number of factors, including the type of paint and primer used, the condition of the door, and the number of coats. Before you contact a contractor, make sure to indicate the exact location of your home. If you have multiple doors, this may increase the cost. Also, if you are aiming for a sleek, modern look, choose a bold, dramatic color, such as black.

    Cost of painting a brick house in Toronto

    A brick house may look charming but can become damaged due to a variety of factors, including climate change. Repainting bricks can increase curb appeal without spending a lot of money, and painting a brick house is far cheaper than replacing it. Here are some tips on how to keep your bricks looking good:

    The first step is to determine the type of paint you want to use. If you don’t want to use paint, you can opt for limewash, which is an alternative coloring method. This material consists of table salt, water, and hydrated masonry lime. This project can cost anywhere from $30 to $60 in materials, plus an additional $50-$70 for paint rollers and ladders. Though limewash does not completely cover the brick color, it can be tinted to any color that you desire.

    Factors that affect the cost of hiring a painter

    There are many factors that determine the cost of hiring a painter in the city of Toronto. You’ll have to figure out the size of your house and the prep work needed before a professional painter can estimate the cost. The quality of paint you choose will also affect the cost, as will time constraints and your personal preferences. Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of hiring a painter in Toronto:

    The average labour cost for painting a single-storey, 1500-square-foot home in Toronto can range from $1,500 to $4,500. The cost of paint varies greatly based on the type, size, and condition of walls. The type of paint you choose and the number of coats will also influence the cost. Using inexpensive paint can help you save money while still getting a quality paint job.

  • The E-Learning Approach to Education

    The evolution of online e-learning is changing the way education is delivered. While traditional lectures have been replaced by classrooms with live instructors, students can still benefit from self-paced online learning. These new formats offer a variety of advantages. They can be self-paced, instructor-led, and can even be short courses. Here is a look at how online learning is changing the way schools and universities teach. This approach is changing education in more ways than one.

    Online learning

    The benefits of online learning are many, but some disadvantages also exist. While online education is convenient and flexible, it also carries privacy risks. Students’ personal information is often exposed when they use computers or mobile phones. Because of these concerns, it is imperative for universities to educate students and staff about cybersecurity and data privacy. However, the benefits of online education are far outweighed by the drawbacks. Here are some of the common problems associated with online learning.


    A self-paced e-learning approach to education allows you to study on your own time. With this style of learning, you can study when you have the time and can even create your own material. It’s the ideal environment for in-depth research and the creation of original material. Many programs also offer an annotated bibliography for the students to keep track of their resources. There are many advantages to self-paced learning.


    Online courses are more likely to be instructor-led, which can provide several benefits. Instructors can customize material to a specific group of students, as well as adjust the pace of a lesson. Online courses also can take advantage of other methods of evaluation other than traditional testing, such as using assessments and feedback to gauge student learning. Generally, an instructor-led course involves three basic components:

    Short courses

    The online world has made it possible to pursue short courses in just about every field of study. From introductory courses to complete overviews, short courses offer a convenient way to brush up on knowledge or explore new interests. These courses also serve as valuable continuing education and professional development options. Whether you’re looking to become a teacher or are just interested in expanding your knowledge, you’ll be able to find short courses that fit your needs and interests.

    Open educational resources

    The concept of open educational resources, or OER, has gained popularity among e-learning users. A course offered by a commercial entity may be branded as OER, but the content itself is free. However, the certificates and awards offered by commercial entities are often incompatible with the terms of the OER movement. The authors of this article provide examples of how OERs differ from conventional courseware. While they may be similar, there are significant differences.

  • ATT Car Detailing Varsity Lakes – Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Gold Coast

    ATT Car Detailing Varsity Lakes Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Gold Coast

    ATT Car Detailing Varsity Lakes – Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Gold Coast. Regular oil changes and maintenance are crucial to the longevity of your vehicle. Besides the maintenance aspect, paint protection will improve the resale value of your vehicle and protect it from environmental contaminants. Brake dust, water buildup, dirt, and insect acids all contribute to blemishes on your vehicle’s paint. A coating of nano-ceramics will keep your paint in perfect condition.

    Beadlock Pro ceramic paint coating

    Regular maintenance and oil changes will increase the longevity of your vehicle, but paint protection will increase resale value and protect the paint from environmental pollutants. These contaminants include brake dust, water buildup, dirt and insect acids. The coating provides a nano-ceramic shield that keeps the paint in great condition. The ceramic coating is a great way to protect your vehicle.

  • How to Find Buyers of Diabetic Test Strips

    There are many different ways to find a buyer of diabetic test strips. You can choose to sell your used strips directly to a buyer or try to find a reseller online. If you do not want to sell your own test strips, you can also sell your strips to other people. In either case, you can expect to receive a fair price. The only drawback to selling your own supplies is that you may have to deal with shipping and handling costs. If you plan to sell your old test strips, you should ensure that you follow the company’s policies.

    buyers of diabetic test strips

    If you are a patient and are uninsured, you can consider selling your used strips to earn extra money. The list price for these supplies is often quite high, and you can expect to make between ten and twelve dollars per 100 strips. However, if you are a seller and are patient, you could try an eCommerce website to sell your unused test strips. If you do not mind waiting for a few days or weeks for a buyer, you can try reselling your old diabetic test strips to a customer who is not insured.

    There are a few other ways to find a buyer for your old diabetic test strips. If you have unused diabetic test strips, consider selling them on eBay. It is easy to sell your old strips on eBay, but you might have to wait for a buyer to purchase them. A lot of these sites offer low prices, so it will not hurt to try them out. You may be surprised at how much money you can make. You can even earn a little bit extra if you sell your strips to someone who can’t afford them.

    Another way to sell your unused diabetic test strips is to look for a reseller online. Several sites offer test strips at a discount, and you may be able to save money by doing so. You can also sell your strips to people without insurance. These sites usually offer the best prices and pay the fastest. Despite these risks, you can still sell them to people with no health insurance, which is more profitable for the sellers than for the consumers.

    You can also try to sell your test strips through an online retailer. Depending on where you live, you can sell strips to people who can’t afford them. Some people can earn as much as $100 a year. These people can be considered buyers of diabetic test strips, but it is important to remember that there are many ways to earn money from buying and selling these supplies. You can make money by mailing your diabetes strips back to companies and selling them through auction websites.