A Brief Guide to Buying Pet Bicycle Trailers

Pet Bicycle Trailers is available in a large variety of styles, sizes, colors, and materials. They come with a large selection of seat/pedal combinations, varying widths, and many more accessories. This article has reviewed many of the top-selling pet bike trailers this year and made a list of our top picks for the most liked accessories. To get an idea of what’s hot, read the entire list to get exactly what fits your dog.

Pet Bicycle Trailers

One of the most popular accessories is the internal leash holder. Most pet bicycle trailers have a center post for your dog to rest on while traveling. However, some have small openings for a person to strap their own leash onto. Either way, an internal leash holder gives your pooch more space to move around while on the road. If you decide to use an internal leash holder for your pet bicycle trailer, make sure that the inside surface of the carrier is sturdy enough for your pup to grip.

Another great accessory for pet bicycle trailers is a rain cover. Like a car, a motor home or travel trailer does not fare well during inclement weather. In particular, Houston Metro has very wet weather during the spring and fall months. During these periods, it is critical to have a rain cover to keep your pet’s legs dry and prevent soggy bottoms from forming. This accessory makes it easier to take your dog on long trips with you as it helps keep its paws off of the dashboard and floor of your car.

Other best choice products 2-in-1 pet trailer and stroller reviews have found that sturdy steel is the material of choice. Steel has proven to be a good investment over the years and provides a dependable ride even when wet. The same can be said for aluminum. It can last for a number of years but a pet needs to be regularly checked on its durability.

Some of the pet trailers made today also offer a sunroof, similar to what you see on your car. A canopy protects your pup from the sun as well as rain, snow, dust, and the harsh elements outside. You can find a variety of designs for your trailer, including ones that are made from durable polyester fiberglass or aluminum and offer an automatic canopy when raised. Others feature a fully automatic opening of the doors. Most include a removable side door so you can open it up to use as a canopy on cloudy days.

Another item that should be in your shopping list when shopping for pet trailers is good, sturdy tires. A number of manufacturers make pet trailers with only six or eight-wheel tires. Consider investing in something a bit more solid like a three or four-wheeler tire with high pressure tread for better traction. Four-wheelers tend to be heavier so if you are going on long trips consider getting one with double axles and extra storage space.