Bespoke Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic markings are an affordable and practical solution to mark important areas of a pavement surface. They are easy to apply and ready for use after just 30 minutes meaning you won’t lose valuable time whilst they set. They are also skid-resistant and weatherproof – making them the superior line marking option compared to paint and tape.

Regular thermoplastic is mixed and applied on-site using specialized equipment designed to keep the mixture hot. Once it is laid it can be shaped into any design or pattern, allowing professionals to create precise markings that are both eye-catching and accurate. Alternatively, preformed thermoplastic is already cut into its final shapes ahead of time. Once it arrives, contractors can lay it onto the road and heat it with torches to begin the adhesion process.

When compared to liquid paints, which require special applicators and melters, preformed thermoplastic is much easier to install. It is ideal for car parks and small business owners that want to upgrade their existing parking lot or add a new feature to their site.

Preformed thermoplastic can be applied directly to dry asphalt, concrete, or block paving. However, it is best to prime the surface before application in order to get the most out of your bespoke markings. Once applied, it is extremely durable and will last up to 8 times longer than traditional paints. SWARCO’s preformed thermoplastic contains bright glass beads, distributed evenly throughout the material for optimal visibility both day and night.

Bespoke thermoplastic markings are available in a variety of colours and can include any symbol, letter or number you desire. This makes them perfect for boosting car park safety by clearly marking out parking bays, direction arrows and give way symbols. Additionally, they can be used in schools to transform playgrounds into fun interactive zones that inspire imagination and learning.

Bespoke thermoplastics bespoke thermoplastic markings are a great alternative to standard traffic paints as they have the added benefit of being highly reflective both during the day and at night. The additional reflectivity of these markings helps to improve the visibility of the area for both drivers and pedestrians, thereby increasing safety and reducing accidents. Additionally, these markings are designed to last much longer than traditional traffic paint, cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs.