Where To Find Workers Comp Leads

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help cover lost wages and medical expenses incurred by employees when they are injured on the job. If an employee has suffered a direct injury on the job, they are typically covered by workers comp. Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect employers from being required to compensate for lost wages and medical costs incurred by employees. Unfortunately, not all workers comp claims are paid. The insurance industry has experienced a significant increase in claims over the past year, with many of those coming from small business owners and self-employed individuals.

workers comp leads

So how do you find workers comp leads? One way is through referrals from your regular customers. If your customers are satisfied with their insurance and feel that their provider is always at its best, they will refer their friends and contacts to your company. Other referrals can come from the local insurance industry and even across state lines.

Many insurance agents focus their efforts on referrals and it can be very beneficial if you are able to get one or two more clients referring your business to others. The more referrals you receive, the more money you will see. Referrals are also useful when you need to build your business. By having a strong workers’ compensation claim history, you will have an easier time getting new insurance business. In addition, being familiar with the work environment and what is expected from employees can give you insight into what type of clientele you should focus your efforts on attracting.

Another great resource that you can utilize to obtain a list of potential workers comp leads is your own employees. Get a list of your employees’ names, addresses, phone numbers and any other relevant information. Most people entering the insurance industry are typically already familiar with the typical duties of different positions. If you have a pool of employees to contact, they are more likely to provide you with information that could lead to new leads. Of course, you must be careful not to give out sensitive information or your business could suffer as a result.

Your local newspaper is another great source for workers’ comp leads. Your local paper generally has plenty of sections dedicated to the latest news in the insurance industry. Some papers also offer end of year sales and coupons that can be utilized by both current and potential customers. Employees in your area are likely to know people who are looking for workers comp coverage. You can even post advertisements in your local newspaper.

If you do not have employees in your area, you can still create a worker’s comp lead list on your own. You can contact a local Certified Management Accountant or other business owners whom you work well with to ask about referrals. There is no better way to get leads than by word of mouth. Just remember to contact those who have been happy with their services before and make sure to keep them happy.