How do you clear a tree?

In the past, much of the Cape Cod landscape was covered by pine-oak forests. In the period of European settlement, human activities such as cutting, grazing and burning resulted in the destruction of these areas and the removal of most trees. The cessation of these activities in the mid-1800’s allowed forests to re-invade the area and now account for most of the land surface and biovolume of Cape Cod.

Most property owners know that it is important to trim limbs that hang over the house, car or other buildings, but many may not understand how critical pruning is to the health of a tree. Many of the large limbs that fall during storms are a result of improper pruning, or not being pruned at all. Even mature trees that are not in poor health can benefit and look fuller from a regular pruning schedule.

The arborists at this cape cod tree removal company use a precise technique to shape the foliage and promote healthy growth of your trees and shrubs. They also provide hedge trimming services, and insect/disease evaluations and treatments. Often, they work in conjunction with other landscape professionals to create a seamless landscaping design. Find a tree service professional or arborist in the Houzz Professionals section of the website, and be sure to read reviews.

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