What To Look For In The Best Router For Verizon FiOS

Many consumers are looking for the best router for Verizon FiOS. Verizon’s new service offers amazing features and performance, but unfortunately not all routers are created equal. As consumers, we want the best quality yet affordable prices when we upgrade from standard services such as DSL and cable. When it comes to choosing a new wireless router for your home, there are a few things you can watch out for to make sure you get your moneys worth. The good news is that with the large number of options currently available, many routes are able to offer Verizon FiOS services at great value. Here are some tips to guide you in your quest for a new Verizon FiOS router.

Best Router for Verizon Fios

One important factor you have to keep in mind when shopping around for a new Verizon FiOS router is the connection speed. You need to look at how fast your current internet connection speed is. The faster your internet connection speed, the faster your data can be transferred to your new Verizon FiOS router and vice versa. If you have a fairly slow connection speed, then you can find some great deals online that will provide high-speed service to your home.

If you’re looking for the best router for Verizon FiOS, then look for one that offers Gigabit Ethernet as well as USB capabilities. The availability of USB functionality is something that has only recently started to come out of the bag. You’ll want to find a new router that offers USB 2.0 capabilities if you use any type of external drives with your new Verizon FiOS service. Even though the price of USB portability has come down considerably, many manufacturers are still making them very expensive so don’t expect to find them running cheap.

A Verizon FiOS router should include gigabit ethernet port for all of its clients. If you’re going to be connecting several computers via USB or LAN, then you’ll definitely want a router that has this available. Look at the two types of ethernet ports that are usually included in a Verizon FiOS router – one for fast forwarding and one for connecting multiple devices. Sometimes a Verizon FiOS provider may offer a third option called USB 2.0, which is faster but not quite as fast as the fast forwarding option. If you’re planning on connecting several devices, I would suggest getting a Verizon FiOS router with the fastest possible USB 2.0 ports.

Other features to look for in a Verizon FiOS router includes the ability to setup an internal or external wireless network, the ability to connect to WAN using your existing cabled network, and the ability to view the web on your mobile phone. If you have a laptop, then you can also get web browsing on your laptop with the latest software version that works with Verizon FiOS services. One thing to keep in mind about the best router for Verizon FiOS is that some have a lot of nice add-ons such as web cameras, but these tend to be quite expensive.

These routers are one of the fastest on the market when it comes to both download and upload speed. When used in a home environment, a Verizon FiOS Dual-Band Wireless router is ideal because it provides excellent coverage and reliability. The ease of mobility provided by these two-way routers is also a big advantage for any consumer who needs high speed internet and reliable services. These two types of routers are very popular with consumers today and will definitely satisfy your needs for both high-speed internet and convenience.