What Types of Auto Glass Are Used on Cars?

When we think about a car’s safety features, antilock brakes and air bags may come to mind. But auto glass is also an essential part of your vehicle’s safety, and there are many different types of it used on today’s vehicles.

Windshields, side windows and rear windows are all made of auto glass, but they’re each manufactured differently. The differences between the various types of auto glass can impact how well it performs and whether or not it is repairable.

How much a windshield or window replacement will cost depends on the type of damage and the location. For example, a windshield chip can be repaired for as little as $60, while fixing a larger crack could be $125 or more. Choosing an experienced, certified and insured auto glass company is essential. It will ensure that the work adheres to industry safety standards and that any repairs or replacements are completed correctly.

There are several ways to repair or replace auto glass, including adhesives, fasteners and encapsulation. Adhesives are the cheapest and most common, but they can damage your car’s finish if not properly removed. Using a specialized tool, an expert technician will carefully remove any old adhesive before installing the new one. This will help to extend the life of your windshield or window and ensure a clean, accurate fit.

A windshield is comprised of two pieces of annealed glass with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them. It’s then tempered to withstand a high level of stress and prevent breakage. During this process, the glass is heated to a high temperature that causes it to expand and shrink. This creates a stronger, more durable glass that is resistant to heat, chemicals and impact.

An experienced technician will know how to install auto glass that meets your vehicle’s specific safety and weather requirements. The right kind of windshield can prevent shattered glass from flying off your vehicle in an accident, and it will also protect you from UV rays, heat and rain.

Auto glass continues to evolve as cars get smarter. For example, some windshields are now designed to allow drivers to switch their transparent glass between clear and opaque with the flip of a button or through an app. This feature provides privacy, blocks UV rays and can even improve your car’s energy efficiency by controlling how much heat is transmitted into the cabin. This technology is not available on all vehicles and requires original equipment auto glass to work correctly. If you have ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), then your replacement windshield will need to be calibrated after installation. This is an extra step that some installers can’t offer, so make sure you choose a technician that has the experience and expertise to do it correctly.

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