A Guide to Outdoor Games and Yard Games For Kids

Best camping games for kids

Camping is one of the best summertime experiences for children, and camping games are among the best camping games for kids. Camping is a fun way to learn about nature and gain new skills for camping. If you’re planning an overnight getaway for your family, consider games that will help kids enjoy their time away from home. Although we can’t all go on a backpacking journey to the edge of an unknown wilderness, we can all use some imagination and creativity in our camping games for kids. There’s no better way to spend a warm summer day than by having fun in the great outdoors.

Water balloons – Amazon has a great selection of “ring-pull” or “toss-away” water balloons. Kids love to throw water balloons and many campsite managers rent floats to maintain a safe environment for overnight guests. Amazon even sells themed balloons that come with a story. No camping trip is complete without at least one game played with water balloons.

Technology – Whether you are looking for video games, puzzles, or arts and crafts supplies, your little ones are sure to love going camping with the latest deals from trusted retailers. With the invention of cell phones and laptops, your children may not be able to go on their own anymore. To ensure they get to experience the newest technology, bring them along with you to the local mall or even your favorite shopping center. You will be sure to hear them talking about their latest finds after you bring them back from the mall.

Shoveling Snow – Parents often say that kids need more than a shovel and a garbage can to play in the snow. Maybe your children need a little snow shovel and a snowplow. A great activity for cold nights outdoors is the winter scavenger hunt or the shovel and snowplow game. These two games are fun for both kids and adults.

Outdoor games and yard games are usually not included in a kid’s discount vacation package, but don’t assume they won’t be. Many other discounted vacations include these kinds of activities. In fact, the neighbor’s kid might be having a field trip this weekend and they’ll love it if you include their outdoor games and yard games. Or your neighbor might have been thinking about something like washer toss last week, but now he can’t find any stores with the supplies.

Charades are another fun game that kids love to play. It is simple enough that you can take turns with guests coming over. They bring a sheet of paper and you ask them to guess what the word on the sheet is. The first person that can correctly guess the correct word wins a prize. There are many other types of camping games and yard games you could try as well when you visit a campground.