A New Generation Air Jordan 1 Sneakers

Air Jordan 1 Sneakers is one of the most popular sports shoes in the world. Nike, the company that manufactures the Air Jordan sneakers, has a history of coming out with excellent basketball sneakers that keep professional athletes in top shape. The Air Jordan sneakers are so well-known because they provide great style and performance as well. Here is a quick rundown of how the Air Jordan sneaker came to be and how you can get your own pair.

Air Jordan Sneakers was first released in the United States in the year 1986 and quickly became a huge success. Nike, the company that makes the Air Jordan sneakers, was formed in the third quarter of the year, and the name stuck quickly. Air Jordan is an American company of basketball sneakers, casual, and athletic footwear made by Nike. Air Jordan was made for six-time NBA finals champion and three-time All-Star Michael Jordan in his early years with the Chicago Bulls.

Air Jordan sneakers enjoy a stupendous popularity among millions of professional basketball courts worldwide. In the recent years, Nike has made remarkable improvements in the design and technology of Air Jordan sneakers, keeping up with their huge fan base all over the world. Nike Air Jordan sneakers enjoy an unparalleled quality and are extremely comfortable. Here is a look at some of the most notable changes that have taken place in the design and features of Air Jordan sneakers.

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers has a midsole featuring an elastomeric rubber known as Flex Fit EVA, which is used in the soles to deliver unmatched comfort. It has a polyurethane upper, leather uppers, rubber midsole, patent protection, and a one-piece tongue and collar. Air Jordan sneakers now come in four different models, all based on the high top design. The first is the ‘Glow’, the most popular model which comes in two colors ‘blackout’ and ‘graphite’. This is the model which introduced the ‘Glow’ effect through its glow in the dark eyelet.

The ‘Space’ series introduced the revolutionary’Shuttle program’ which was the first of its kind, to help create a completely different feel to the sneaker. This series was again limited to a release of five pairs, but was the only chance to get those in the market. This version of Air Jordan Sneakers features a leather upper, soft midsole and textile lining. The shoe also comes in a limited ‘Glow’ edition, which offers a different effect to the original ‘Glow’ series.

The most popular variation is the ‘Recharge’ colourway which features the most popular colours with an increase in detail. This version of Air Jordan sneakers includes three new hues, namely: Black / Grey, Black / Red and White. The biggest departure from the Air Jordan colourways would be the use of grey and red for the three main releases; this is done in order to create a fresh and more modern feel to the sneaker. Each of the three new colourways also include a premium rubber upper. A release in March of next year will introduce the ‘PT’ colourway which will feature a mid-top model and incorporates the black and red colorways to the’Charge’ range.