Paralysis Attorney Dedicated to Spinal Cord Injury Cases

A spinal cord injury, which is a type of central nervous system damage, can have devastating and permanent consequences. These injuries are often the result of severe accidents caused by another person’s negligence. It is important to retain a New York City paralysis attorney who understands the complex legal issues involved in cases involving spinal cord injuries.

In the United States, it is estimated that there are over 1.2 million people living with some form of paralysis from a spinal cord injury. Most of these are living with partial or complete loss of motor control and sensation. In the majority of these cases, the injuries occur at the lumbar or thoracic level of the spine.

Paralysis occurs when there is a traumatic injury to the spine that fractures or dislocates vertebrae, which causes bruising or tearing of spinal cord tissue. This typically occurs in car accidents, worksite physical labor accidents, falls and sporting or athletic mishaps. The spinal cord is the main conduit for nerve signals throughout the body and controls movement, feeling, and sensory function. The spinal cord is comprised of several layers of nerve cells that transmit impulses throughout the body and brain. Each layer of the spinal cord is responsible for a different bodily function. The most serious types of spinal cord injuries result in quadriplegia and paraplegia.

Generally, there is no cure for these types of injuries. They are permanent and affect all aspects of a victim’s life. Our NYC spinal injury lawyers can help victims recover damages from those who are liable for the accident that led to their paralysis.

The exact types of damages that are recovered from an accident resulting in paralysis will vary widely from one case to the next. However, many of the most common types of damages include compensation for past and future medical expenses, loss of income, loss of earning potential and other financial losses related to the accident.

Our law firm has successfully handled numerous cases involving spinal injuries including paralysis. The firm is prepared to pursue compensation for all past and future losses that a client suffers as the result of an injury to their spinal cord.

An initial consultation with a Paralysis attorney dedicated to spinal cord injury cases will usually begin by the lawyer gathering personal information from the client, such as health insurance and automobile information. Afterward, the consultation will transition into a discussion of how the accident occurred or how the client was injured. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the nature and extent of the injuries, current diagnosis and prognosis for recovery.

The New York City spinal injury attorneys at Price Benowitz will discuss the facts of the case, possible damages and how to move forward with pursuing legal action. Generally, the firm will pay all of the costs associated with processing a claim for clients such as obtaining medical records, consultation fees with experts, retainers and filing fees. If there is no recovery, then the firm will return all of the costs paid to the client.