What to Drink For Kidney Stones – Easy Treatments at Home

If you are suffering from the painful symptoms of kidney stones, then you might need to know what to drink for kidney stones. Most people suffering from this health condition would not be too happy with these common home remedies. Most commonly, they would turn to medications or surgeries in order to resolve the problem. But here are some alternative ways to treat this kidney stone problem at home.

One of the most common home remedies is to drink a lot of water. It has been said that dehydration can cause kidney stones and drinking plenty of water helps dilute the concentration of potassium in the urine. Drinking water helps flush out the kidneys and helps reduce the blood concentration of the material that causes the stones.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Since stones are formed inside the kidney, it would be best to avoid eating foods that have high levels of acid in them. High amounts of acid can help to encourage the formation of stones in the kidneys. Eat a diet full of acid-free, low-fat vegetables and fruits.

It is also a good idea to eat a diet high in water content. It would help dilute the concentration of the material in the urine and therefore, it would be easier to pass the stones. You should also avoid dairy products and coffee since these drinks can lead to stones.

Since this condition is often associated with certain medications, it is best to take medications that have a high concentration of alkaline in it so as to relieve the pressure reduction in the urinary tract. The more severe the kidney stones symptoms, the higher the concentration of alkaline will need to be. To get the best results, choose a medication that has a high level of alkaline.

Another thing to drink while you are dealing with stones is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice helps the urine to move out through the urethra faster. It can also help the kidney to perform its job in cleaning and excreting the materials that are not needed by the body. This juice can also lessen the pain from the stones.

Of course, taking medications to lower your blood pressure is another way to get relief from the symptoms of kidney stones. The blood pressure can often cause the stones to form and if they are not treated, then they can become bigger and harder to remove. Taking medications to lower your blood pressure can help in getting rid of the stones.

So if you suffer from the symptoms of kidney stones, there are several options you can take. First, you can try to drink water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. But if you have an extreme case of stones, then it would be best to try medications and home remedies.